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A Session with Marc, Through the Eyes of a Client


A client recently wrote me a review, but after reading it I had to create a page for it.  This is a far better description than what I could ever offer re: what a session with me might look like.


Of course not every session looks like this.  Factor in the fact that different people make for different chemistry, and it’s a fair statement that no two sessions look the same.  But this roughly describes – and very well, I might add – what time spent with me is like.


Always keep in mind that, like on any date, sex is always a possibility, but there needs to be chemistry and connection, and you need to be comfortable before we can take that next step.  What you donate for is my time: anything that happens after that is between two consenting adults, and has nothing to do with payment for services rendered.


Here is what “M” has to say about her time with me:


“His favorite position is missionary, kissing. Lots and lots of kissing; sensual and intoxicating. Or perhaps he just says that it is, because he somehow knows that it is mine! His hands are always busy touching my cheek or the nape of my neck, but most often holding my hands fingers intertwined. He continually strives to push the intimacy to the next level.


His noises, his exclamations, are super hot and meant to spur me on. His technique is flawless, always sensing my needs. When to speed up or when to slow down. When to pull ALMOST all the way out and when to drive it home. Gentle and sensual or fast and hard; he is a master of movement. Even when he breaks the connection to pull back and throw my legs over his shoulders, he’s still reaching for me, his hands locking with mine and his mouth licking and nuzzling my calf while he is relentlessly pounding in and out.


And then he stops… he scoots down to the bottom of the bed and I suck in my breath, knowing full well the divine torture that has only just begun. There, too, his technique is exquisite, meant to drive a woman wild. 100 percent of his focus is on the clitoris. He rotates between a super quick side-to-side motion and a simple gentle probing, exploring the entire rose looking for the spot that makes me gasp. His pursuit is relentless, determined to push me ever higher and ever nearer the ultimate reward.


Lately, he’s been employing a new technique; let’s call it the clitoral blowjob, where he takes my entire rose into his mouth and begins to gently suck. The sensations that play evokes are divine. And so it goes as his satisfaction is derived from my satisfaction. His pleasure unfailingly connected to my pleasure. Never have I experienced such a selfless lover.


And lately, as our comfort level with each other has increased along with our understanding of our separate and mutual needs, he returns from seeing to my pleasure as erect and ready to continue our play as he was prior to his sojourn. And so the cycle continues; 30 minutes of mind-blowing intercourse is followed by incredible oral sex, made all the more fulfilling by the fact that I return from my stupor with his fingers still tightly intertwined with my own, that connection still intact, never broken, fueling a fire that should have been brought to bay, but surprisingly continues, unabated.


But ultimately, in just the same way that he knows when I’ve not yet reached my limit, he knows when I’ve had enough, and he gently rolls off of me and pulls me into his arms. The pillow talk is as enticing, invigorating and pleasantly surprising as the sex it follows. He’s well versed in so many areas and when he starts speaking in French, my juices begin flowing all over again.


But lately, our lovemaking has taken on a new twist as I’ve begun to return his sweet favors. His body is absolute perfection. Incredibly sexy. He is clean, sweet-smelling and well groomed. Wanting to give as much pleasure as I’ve received (despite the fact that it would be impossible), I take his perfect member into my mouth and strive to give the very best fellatio I have ever given, desperate to draw him in deeper and deeper until my lips reach his foundation.


And, as he cries out in ecstasy and warns me that he is about to climax, I simply smile to myself and continue to treat the most incredible lover it has ever been my absolute pleasure to encounter to the same tender-loving care he so lavishly showers upon me.


All I can say is wow, and a sincere thanks, M, for that description!  I enjoy our time together as much as you seem to!


M, Long Island, NY”