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The Benefits of Human Touch


I’m always amazed when I meet someone who doesn’t enjoy being massaged.  I must confess that, when I encounter such people, I wonder if they were violated or touched inappropriately at some point in their lives.  Or perhaps they have trust issues, stemming from abuse of some kind other than physical/sexual?  Touch is an essential component of the human condition: we need physical contact.  We need to touch, and to be touched.

If this need is not met, I believe that we will be the worse for it.

I’m an erotic masseur in Mississauga, Ontario.  I serve as an erotic masseur to men in Toronto, Mississauga, the GTA and beyond, and I offer either erotic massage, or full escort services to women in the Toronto, Mississauga, GTA and surrounding areas.

I am trained in both Swedish and Thai Yoga techniques, but have adapted them to create an erotic massage experience that titillates, delights and amazes all who grace my massage table.

People need touch.  For the single person, often they don’t want the complication of a relationship, but they still need human contact.  Some of these people will reach out to me to have that need fulfilled.

Some are in a relationship already.  However too often they are not getting enough (any?) touch at home, and so they turn to me for what it is their partner isn’t giving them.  In my opinion there should be no shame around that, but sometimes there is.  There are different reasons why one might believe they are not able to leave a relationship, yet they still feel a need to see me to get what they’re missing.  These reasons are too numerous to list here, but a short list of the most common might help:

1.Your partner is verbally and/or emotionally abusive, and you aren’t ready to make the leap to singlehood yet, because the financial cost will be too great.  In this case, I always encourage the person to leave at the earliest opportunity, because nobody should have to suffer abuse, but I understand that it is a process and not all are able to leave immediately.

2.Your partner refuses to share intimacy with you, be it sexual, emotional, spiritual, physical, or any combination of these.

3.You and your partner have an arrangement that you can see other people.

4.Your partner is seeing other people behind your back, and you have decided you want to do the same.

Please note that if there is physical and/or sexual abuse being perpetrated against you, then I would urge you to leave immediately.  There are women’s shelters who can give you safe refuge while you work out your plan for moving forward without the abuser.

The situation is most complex when we consider people who are in a relationship.  The advice of most unthinking people give in cases like this is to “Just get out: leave your partner.  Don’t ‘cheat’.”  In an ideal world, I’d agree with this.  But oftentimes this isn’t realistic.  I must confess that I used to think this way, yet my mind has changed.  There are no pat answers in life, and most situations are not black-and-white.  There’s a lot of grey in this world.  Each situation is different.  Not everyone is emotionally, financially or physically ready to leave a relationship, yet everyone still has needs to be met.

16 Jan 18