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“Am I Too Loose”

A lady with whom I had been intimate recently asked me if I thought she was “too loose.”  I asked her why she wanted to know.  Apparently, a previous lover had told her she was.  What a rotten thing to say to someone.  IMHO this is no different than saying to a man that he has a small penis.  It’s unnecessary, and spiteful.

Chances are, my guess is that this man was feeling inadequate and wanted to transfer his frustration on to her.  Problem is, his frustration/anger became her shame.  Not cool.  Not at all.

I assured her that she wasn’t too loose.  What does that mean, too loose, anyhow?  This is the same dilemma men have over penis size.  Many suffer with the feeling of being inadequate, that they’re not “big enough” to get the job done.

Here’s the truth.  For some, they won’t be large enough.  Some women are created with larger vaginas and prefer larger penises.  Similarly, some men are created with smaller penises, and prefer a smaller vagina.  IT IS NOT A DEFECT TO NOT BE EVERYONE’S IDEAL SIZE.  We are all created differently, and there is someone for each of us with whom we will fit perfectly.


Who am I?

My name is Marc Spinoza, and I’m an erotic masseur in the Greater Toronto Area.  I offer incall services in my private townhome in Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto.  I also offer outcall services, and have an entire kit that I travel with, should you wish for me to come visit you.

I also offer male escort services to women in Mississauga, in Toronto, and in the GTA.


We Are More Than Just Our Physical Characteristics

Think about the language we use when we speak of the size of genitalia: “I am X”,” we men answer.  Really?  We measure ourselves in inches?  Do inches really describe how “big” we are?  What about the size of our hearts?  What about the size of our generosity?  What about large our capacity for empathy is?  Doesn’t that matter at all?  Why do we reduce ourselves to the length of our penis?  How ridiculous.

Then the ladies who worry about being “too loose.”  Is this not the female version of a man’s insecurity over his penis size?  Thinking they are too loose, are they not reducing their self-worth to the volume of their vagina?  How sad is this?  I mean, really.

This kind of talk is no different than our insecurities around height, weight, body size, skin colour, income potential, the real estate we own/don’t own, etc., ad infinitum.

Can we just stop it already?


Show Me Your Heart and Mind

I don’t care about how tall/short, thin/overweight, rich/poor etc. you are.  I’m interested in you, stripped of all these things.  Your mind.  Your heart.  What you think.  What you believe.  What you care about.  What empowers you.  What your passion is.  How you make a life (not a living) for yourself.

The.  Rest.  Just.  Doesn’t.  Matter.

Someone says you’re not big enough?  Oh well, what other people think of you is none of your business.  Someone accuses you of being too loose?  Same thing.

These types of criticisms are much more a reflection on who they really are, than they are about who you are.


You’re Enough Just the Way You Are

You’re perfect, just the way you are.  Learn to love yourself just as you are (see my blog on learning to love your body just as it is: https://www.marcspinozamassage.com/learning-love-body/).  Oh sure, if you want to change something, go ahead.  Lose that extra weight.  Make your penis larger (click this link to learn more: http://www.phallosan.com/?ca=turn&kw=1013).  Make your vagina looser (do your kegels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTkgAvaV9TA).

Here’s the thing, though.  Your starting point needs to be self-love.  You need to love yourself just as you are, and calmly proceed from there to try to improve what it is you want to improve.  If you don’t, then you’ll find that you’ll never be thin enough, your penis will never be large enough, or your vagina will never be tight enough.

You must believe you’re enough right now, just the way you are, created perfect in every way.  Nothing wrong with trying to improve on perfection, but be happy with who you are at every step of the way.  That way, your happiness won’t be dependent on the scale, the tape measure, the opinion of your partner, or some other arbitrary opinion/measurement.


How Do I Learn to Love Myself?

While you’re working on learning how to love yourself, why not come for an erotic massage?  It’s an awesome stress reliever, and a wonderful way to learn to let go while someone touches you sensually without expectation or judgment.

You’ll learn that I think you’re awesome just the way you are.  That’s the truth: I have no particular “type” that I prefer, and I believe that every body is beautiful.  Come let me show you how beautiful yours is.

I can be reached at 647-703-9515, at marcspinoza2017@gmail.com, or here: https://www.marcspinozamassage.com/contact/.  Drop me a line:  I’d love to help.