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Time for a Guest Blog!


I’m doing something unusual here.  Every other blog on my Blog page thus far has been written by me.  This is a guest submission from a client who came to see me recently.  She is a wonderful, deep, introspective person who is truly beautiful both inside and out.  Elle*, thank you for our experience!


Please note that English is not her first language.  I have left the passage largely untouched, to honour the fact that it came from her pen, not mine.


Here is what she sent me:


“In our lifetime we meet different people and some say that everything happens for a reason. I don’t know….maybe. Some people come to our life almost unnoticeable, leaving it at the same manner as they came – without any memories, meaning, purpose. They like a dust exist around us but we don’t see them and/or notice them.


Some people stay in your life longer and leave it as the time comes. Those come to our life as a teachers who give us a valuable lessons. Others are our experiences – good and/or bad. For some, we are those teachers and/or lessons. Those people like a rain which can leave afterwards the taste of either rainbow or wet dirty asphalt. In either case, it is our experience.


Another category of people you meet and/or who were sent to you during your life journey are those who stay longer in your life, in your memory, in your heart. Some of them are part of your life, some are inseparable part of your own existence and some have a profound meaning to your life without whom the life cannot be the same. Just a few of them are our soul, our heart, our lungs, our breath and our entire universe. It’s like an air!!! Without air the life cannot exist.


But I notice that even those who you consider the close ones and part of your life can be categorized into Observers and Participants.


Observers are those who are close ones but they are like a noise in the forest – if you are lost they give you a feeling or buzz that you are not alone.


On the other hand, Participants are those who stand by you in good and bad, in sunny and rainy days, in up and down. Those are your foundation, your strength, your ground even then you are so weak that unable to walk, stand, crawl…they will find a way to make you stand tall again. Those are your Sun and Air and Water!!!


Lucky that person who has those Participants in his/her lifetime.”



Who Am I?

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Is it Time for Your Erotic Massage?

Elle, after having a session with me, was inspired to share this passage with me, a passage she had written earlier this year.  She also sent me this testimonial [“The combination of purity and beauty of intimacy” by Elle, Toronto, ON].

An erotic massage experience can meet any one of several needs.  Many who have come to see me have noticed the following:

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I look forward to hearing from you!



*Not her real name