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Are We OK with Quiet?

Our family friends have an awesome cottage in Northern Ontario.  It’s not even really a cottage, more like a mansion, with 2 smaller homes on the property for their extended family and friends.

I don’t go there often, but when I do, I notice that they don’t seem to like it to ever be too quiet.  The television is usually on, coupled with a radio in another room, and conversation always seems to permeate those rooms occupied by people.

For me, going up north, or going camping, means a time to get away from it all, and that includes the noise of city life.  As much as I need to leave the hustle and bustle behind, I also need to leave the noise behind.

I can’t vacation with people who don’t like quiet.  And, it seems to me that often people don’t like quiet.

Why are we so afraid to sit in the silence?


Are We Afraid to Discover Who We Really Are?

I think, as a society, we’re guilty of being too busy and too noisy to stop and ask ourselves the important questions.  What do I really want to do in life?  Who am I, really, and what is my purpose?

I think the noise and busy-ness allows us to avoid discovering our true nature.  We’re scared of who we really are because, were we to accept and embrace it, it might mean that EVERYTHING must change.  And we don’t like change.

My friends’ noisy cottage is a place of escape, yes, but not the right kind.  It’s a place where one can go to escape the responsibility of owning one’s true purpose and becoming truly great by doing so.

Are you afraid of the silence?


Who Am I?

My name is Marc Spinoza, and I’m an erotic masseur in the Greater Toronto Area.  I am a sensual masseur, offering incall services in my private townhome in Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto.  I also offer outcall services, and have an entire kit that I travel with, should you wish for me to come visit you.

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Excessive Chatter

Another way I see that we avoid silence is by talking too much.  I’m more introverted than extroverted, so I’m unusually sensitive to this.  If someone around me talks incessantly, it can really affect me, and not in a good way.

I understand that some need to express themselves more than I do.  But it can become compulsive and somewhat neurotic if it’s excessive.  Many who have never felt they were heard as children tend to talk too much, I find.  All because they just want to be heard.

There are times when we need to give up the right to be heard and just listen.  Listening to others is a key way we can learn new things, of course.  But so is listening to ourselves.  We need quiet: silence.  We need to sit alone with just ourselves, and to hear what our inner voice is telling us.

We might just discover our greatness if we do so.


The Silence and You

How about you?  Do you avoid the silence?  Are you able to sit quietly and take direction from your inner voice, or do you avoid it at all costs?  If so, why?  What’s the fear that’s holding you back?

Perhaps you might want to consider an erotic massage.  It’s a time when you can come and allow me to stimulate your senses in silence.  By allowing the quiet in to the experience, you’ll discover some new – and potentially wonderful – things about yourself.  It could be just the thing you need.

So consider sending me a text, or calling me, at 647-703-9515.  Alternately you can message me at www.marcspinozamassage.com/contact, or at marcspinoza2017@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!