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The Couple’s Experience



Female Hand Counting Three


Over the years, I’ve hosted many couples in my massage room, at their homes, and in their hotel rooms.  My sessions with them have evolved into 3 different “types” of sessions, each with their own merit, and in service to the needs of those who come to see me.  I love each “type,” and always look forward to helping a couple improve the intimacy and connection they share!  What are these type?


First, sometimes, a husband simply wants to sit back and watch while his wife receives pleasure.  These are a time of exploration for she and I, as we come together and experience each other.  The touch is erotic and sensual, and I must admit that these are often powerful, sensual/sexual experiences that elevate all participants to the next level.  I enjoy them very much!  Couples who are looking to experience this type of erotic massage are generally each very comfortable with their sexuality and are both equally excited to have the experience.


Second, some husbands prefer to participate, perhaps more like a “Threesome,” which can work very well if all participants are mindful and present to the experience.  I am a straight male, so there is never any erotic or sexual interaction between myself and the man, however working together to please her can often be an incredibly erotic experience!  I show him how to touch and massage her so that she can experience a wonderful “4-Handed Massage,” and we let the session move in the direction it organically moves in.  These, too, can be quite fun, and I’ve had many amazing experiences with them!


At this point we should talk about boundaries and expectations, which are very important to me.  Prior to a couples session, I like to have a conversation that covers off any concerns that either partner in the coupleship might have about limits.  I always like to know up front what people are, and are not, comfortable with.  I always respect this during the session.


The final type of session that couples enjoy with me is that of the educational variety.  Sometimes I am asked to “teach” new tricks, tips and techniques to the male partner of the coupleship, and this can often be a fun time of learning and exploration; sometimes for me too!  I love working with people and discovering, so these sessions are some of my favourite!


Couples sessions with me are incredibly fun, sexy, erotic, sensual and satiating.  I hope you decide to give one a try.  Why not reach out and tell me what your fantasy is; I’d love to help you experience it!  Call/text me at 647-703-9515, or fill out this contact form , or e-mail me at marcspinoza2017@gmail.com.  I’d love to hear from you!