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Below is a testimonial from both a husband and wife. The husband retained me for her, and this is what they had to say:


“The moment Marc put his hands on my body there was an instant arousal. His technique was so incredible that 5 mins into my massage we were all over each other.  Here I am, a happily married woman having mind blowing sex with this AMAZING man whom I just met. Our connection was so electrifying that I honestly didn’t want it to EVER end.   As a matter of fact, the encounter was so erotic that I needed to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.  Therefore, less than 24 hours later he was booked for another session.   I’m here to tell you the 2nd time with Marc was even better! My vagina experienced stronger and uncontrollable orgasms. I’m sure his charismatic personality and stunning looks played a part in my enjoyment too.   But ultimately it is his skills and our chemistry that will keep me coming back for more.”


-A., from Chicago


This is what he had to say:


“I contacted Marc to book him for my Wife. There are many others that provide the same service but Marc’s professionalism and attention to detail was remarkable!  I am a Man who thinks the World of my wife so I am extremely picky!  Five second of meeting him, I knew he was the right guy. Marc was just what the Dr. ordered! And for those who may want someone cheaper, you don’t go to a Honda Civic dealership hoping for A Mercedes!  Marc performed like a Bentley. My wife couldn’t stop raving about him being the best ever!  We will see you again on our next visit!!!”


-Dee, from Chicago


Ladies, he is a must try! He is a very sweet, good-looking person and he knows exactly what you want. He knows just where to touch you, and he cares about how you feel. Just relax and enjoy!

– M., Mississauga


I booked my appointment well in advance, and Marc was able to accommodate me. When I showed up, I was nicely surprised as to how nice – and how very good looking – he is. He also has a beautiful, muscular, well developed body: pictures do not do him justice.

The massage was very sensual, with the right amount of pressure. During the massage we had a wonderful conversation. He is truly a warm, caring and intelligent individual. the whole time he made sure I was comfortable, asking if I was ok, was he applying the right amount of pressure, etc. My time with him was truly a wonderful experience, and I am looking forward to the nest time. Check his website for more information: I highly recommend him! Be sure to book in advance to ensure you’re not to be disappointed should he not be available.

– V.C., Mississauga


Below is a text received from a client about an hour after she had left:

“Hi just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed myself today. The pictures don’t do you justice. Can’t wait to come back again:);):)”

– L., Toronto, ON


My session with Marc was too good to be true…started with a relaxing and erotic massage then ended up with absolute satisfaction. He’s definitely equipped with serious skills and high stamina that will leave you thirsty for more. Great personality and his body is hotter in person – “Yes it possible”… based on my experience I’ll gladly and confidently say: ladies, satisfaction guaranteed!

– A., Mississauga, ON


Below is an e-mail received from someone shortly after her 2 hour session with me:

“Thank you for a wonderful morning. I have not enjoyed someone that much in a very long time. The comfort and ease was priceless. You are a very generous and considerate lover. I never once felt like the time we shared was about anyone but me which I greatly appreciate. I will definitely be back.”

– R.S., Toronto, ON


I had just got off a long-haul flight and was extremely stiff and sore in my lower back, so I needed someone to work out the kinks. I am very wary of going out of the hotel for massage, so I emailed Marc to set up a visit. I had a good feeling about him based on his correspondence – he seemed sane, grounded and knowledgeable; it is also fair to say that his photos didn’t do him justice – he is very well-maintained and proportioned.

He arrived promptly with a full table set up, and a full choice of oils. The massage was professional, intuitive and sensual, and I can see why he gets a lot of repeat clients.”

Highly recommended!

– T., Birmingham, U.K.


Marc is very professional at what he does, and my several experiences with him have been out of this world! The massages are great, and as a fitness instructor he is very professional and knowledgeable: he helped bring my body to a new level! He is also very smart, and can carry a conversation at any level.

– C.E., Toronto, ON


Ladies, if you’re like me, travel on business, and you don’t want the bar scene (or complicated relationships) book a session with Marc. I’m so glad I did. Wow is the only comment needed! He makes you wish you had another hour 🙂 ……..

– L.B., Paris, ON


The following is a text message I received from a client – in town on business – just 15 minutes after I had left her:

“Hi Marc, hope you are reading this message when you are home arrived safely, just wanted to thank you for a wonderful night… loved your energy and character, loved the way you enter me, just loved everything…. can’t wait to see u again..t:thank [sic] you..”

Then the next morning I received this from her:

“I don’t want to bother you,but I need to share this with you..so this morning we are having an executive debrief, and I hear..(name omitted) what’s wrong with you, you’re spaced out…..”

All I can do is smile

A., Vancouver, B.C.

And not say a word.


He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.


This man has a purpose, and that purpose is to increase the pleasure  quotient by a crap-ton!  He certainly does that with a wonderful sense of  authenticity and skill!!!  You’ve already wasted time reading this.  Call him…NOW!!!”


– P.N., Toronto’


Just wanted to thank E & M for an awesome evening!  E sent me this e-mail the day after we had connected:


“Thanks for a great evening, you are very professional and def have a gift. I have wanted my wife to have multiple orgasms for a long time and you were able to achieve 6 with her. Amazing!!!! I followed up with another 2 after you left and 4 more this morning. A whole new world has opened up for us – can’t say thanks enough!!!


Thanks again, if we are in town for fun night again I am sure we will contact you.




– E & M, Ottawa, ON


I really appreciate the kind words, E – you guys were a lot of fun!



A wonderful lady sent me this e-mail, on her way home, after we had met the first time.  Thanks for the kind words, S!!!




First of all, from the bottom of my broken heart💜 Merci mille fois


You have awaken a sleeping dragon 🐲


I never been this forthcoming (no pun intended) with anyone without the basis of a relationship and trust….Your honesty was refreshing…and if I dare admit somewhat scary. I quite frankly did not know what to expect and you exceeded my expectations.  Thank for letting your guard down in doing so I shed my armour and that led to a battling soul feel  cherished and appreciated, even if I was awful at accepting compliments.


Hope we can still keep in touch😘,




PS I need to stop typing my whole body is vibrating in the back of the uber…dont want to give the driver any ideas😲


– S, 35, Vaughn, ON


I received this text from this wonderful young lady shortly after our first encounter.


“It’s Saturday morning and I still can’t get our time out of my mind. It sounds cliche but you gave me back something I didn’t know I’d lost. Thank you again Marc, have a great weekend.”


I was curious, so I asked her if she could explain more about what she meant.  She had this to say:


“Incredible is the word Marc 🙂 it’s hard to put into words but I’ll try, when I first moved out to Waterloo and lived on my own, I had my own apartment. I would pamper myself more frequently, wear lingerie around the apartment just for me. I didn’t have anyone in my life yet, nor had I ever been with a man. I even did a boudoir shoot for myself at 25. There were times when I sorely missed who I was then. My first time was awful, (wasn’t my ex). I just wanted to be wanted. Then there was my ex. After him I felt I had nothing left, I didn’t want to be sexy. Didn’t want to do some of what I used to for myself. I figured if I gave it time I’d be back to myself and I guess I just forgot that part of me. So much has happened in the last 3 years. I’m in a way better place now in many ways. I know my worth. I’m not explaining this well I know. But that spark I guess from when I was in my 20s I gave back. I feel like I can be that girl again dancing and singing along to music in her lingerie alone in her apartment enjoying life. Hope that helps.”


-V, 29, Vaughn, ON


A lovely couple came to see me recently. I received this text message later in the day from “S” after she had arrived back home:


“Your testimonials were spot on and YOU have a smoking hot body :-))) which I thoroughly and completely enjoyed.

I never sleep daytime (unless I have had great sex)….. slept the whole way to my haircut!!!


Will practice my stretches and book back soon to have you check and compare  my 😉’flexibility’ 😉






PS Sorry about getting so sweaty. But really, it was all your fault 🙏”


– D. and S, Oshawa



The combination of purity and beauty of intimacy, genuine touch, and the wise perspective of an opened-minded person with deep respect to each soul and body puts Marc to a level of not only high professionalism but what is the most important to the person you can trust, open up and just be YOURSELF!


– Elle, Toronto, ON


Note: Elle also wrote a piece of prose that I decided to include in my blog section.  You can read it here.


To continue from yesterday…I wanted to say that my experiences with you have helped me be comfortable with being vulnerable – you create a safe space just being you – for me, feeling safe with a man allows me to be present.  When you were on the table and on your bed, I didn’t have to think (or worry that I was doing things “right”) – I could just be in the moment, connected to my body and to yours, and I think that’s a big part of creating connection and intimacy.  So thank you for being who you are…your openness is a gift to others.



-L., Toronto, ON


This is a text I received from a client shortly after she had left me.  She had a 2-hour Sensate Therapy session with me.  Thank-you, Holly!


“When you are wilder than my wild imagination and reality is better than my fantasies, I want to thank you beyond words. You truly are an amazing person with amazing talent. I’m feel very grateful and blessed  to have experienced such bliss with you today.   I would like to book another 2 hours for me in two weeks and another appointment for two hours with my friend Jody on a different day, also in 2 weeks. She will do the hugging/cuddling one. Let me know what you have available…I was telling you that I felt my sexual energy bank was depleted. You fully restored it.  I feel amazing. This is why I always loved sex. I got a high from it that lasts longer after. It is heavenly.”


– Holly, Toronto



Monica Kovacs (www.monicakovacs.ca) is the provider I go to see to have my sensual massage needs met.  She is a (very) professional provider of both Yoni and Lingam massage, and she is a gem.  She booked some time with me, and had this to say about it:


“As a Somatic Sex Educator, much of my days are filled with providing conscious, erotic touch to my clients. I approached Marc for an opportunity to focus on my own needs and to take a break from the role of giving.


Marc creates a beautifully welcoming space to let go and surrender into receiving. His touch is confident and highly skilled, and intuitively tuned in to the needs of the receiver.


Through my own work with clients, I am familiar with the fear and hesitation many women experience in approaching a male provider. I would confidently recommend Marc to anybody looking to explore this route. Not only does he take you on an erotic journey through your senses, he also holds safe space for deep emotions to arise and for conscious healing to take place. His presence is strong, grounded and compassionate. Throughout our session I felt safe in communicating my needs and free to explore whatever was arising in the moment. It was a beautiful blend of pleasure and healing work where I felt safe, honoured and seen.


Marc’s skill and personal integrity as a practitioner are a true gift in this field. He is a role model for conscious sexuality, and I can’t recommend him enough. I’m looking forward to our continuing work.”


Thank-you, Monica, I’m truly honoured by your kind words :).


Hey I just wanted to say thank you again, it was a nice release from all the crap I deal with day to day at home. Haven’t felt that feeling in a long time.



-M., 24, Toronto


Marc, I have to start off by saying you are lovely 🤗 you have a beautiful light about you and I feel lucky that we connected in so many ways…


I find it hard to express the sensations and emotions I felt, and still am feeling. I am trying to find the words to express the pleasure I felt this morning.You painted strokes of understanding and acceptance in me. Your touch went straight to my heart and soul. I trust you. This is an incredibly rare feeling for me, and just as rare to express. Thank you…I was literally vibrating at some moments. This really was quite a remarkable experience. Thank you for your effort and your physical endurance!” Thank you for all of the kind words, they all resonated and I promise to work on my self acceptance ❤ 💜


I cannot wait until we meet again 🤗


– L., 38, Burlington


Here is a text message I received from a lovely lady right here in Mississauga, shortly after she visited me for the second time:


“Hey, I just wanted to say thank-you.  I feel good!  You make people addicted!  That is not a complaint!  It is a compliment.”


– L, Mississauga


Thank-you L. – I was happy to see you return, and look forward to more encounters!
This is a text I received from a wonderful lady shortly after she arrived home from seeing me:


“So…I really have no words.  I had lots of ideas about what to expect, but my experience with you was so much more.  After such a long time of being on my own, you made me feel desirable, beautiful, relaxed, comfortable, wanted.  I am so happy I came to see you.  I will be visiting again soon.  😊


A week later she contacted me, asking to book again for the following month:


“So, my friend…you are a hard man to get out of one’s head.  (Pun intended.  😋)
I have been off my game all week…forgetting stuff, can’t put sentences together, daydreaming.  Our time together will enter my thoughts at the most random times, and my breath catches, my heart speeds up for a moment, and I remember how I felt with you.  I would really like to come and see you again.  Sometime during the March Break?  (Maybe March 12th or 14th.  😉)”


– K., North York


Thanks K. – you were wonderful to host!
A wonderful couple came to visit recently, and this is what they so graciously had to say about their experience:


“We met Marc last week for a massage for my wife and a “couple adventure”. Marc was attentive took the time to really listen to what we were looking for. From the first moment we met him in person, all nervousness went away and we were impressed with his warm smile and professional demeanor. My wife instantly liked Marc and it is evident he takes his job and his physical appearance very seriously. From the moment the massage began I saw my wife was lost in the moment. Marc was able help my wife relax and gave her a mind blowing “massage” while keeping me involved in the situation. As the evening concluded my wife was able to scratch another fantasy off her bucket list. We would highly recommend Marc and will definitely be back to see him again.”




Thanks R & D!  I thoroughly enjoyed our time together as well!


I recently received 2 e-mails from a husband/wife pair who came to see me.  Their messages were so encouraging, I just had to share them with you here.


Here is what the wife had to say:


“Dear Marc,


Thank you for making this an amazing experience. Your openness, comfort and touch made us both feel super at ease. You kind of guided us into a new phase of our sexuality and expression of love & lust that will make us closer as a couple. We are excited to continue that journey.


The experience was truly beautiful and intense, I will never forget it. Glad to hear that you also enjoyed it, that means a lot.


I am still on a high. Looking forward to our next time.


I (and T)


And here is what the husband had to say:


“Hi Marc,


it was a great experience for me as well. I looked up the term hotwifing after and it seems to overlap with the cuckolding fetish that some men have, where humiliation is part of it. That is really not what I’m looking for or felt. When she was having so much pleasure and I was able to hold her hand and kiss her during and afterwards, it felt like a shared experience where that erotic energy flowed back to me and in that moment I felt a great sense of love and connection to her. Later when we were both interacting with her there was more of a component of lust. So there was both and we were able to bring both home with us feeling an ongoing energy between us. It opened up a lot of positive feelings. it’s nice to know that there is still a lot to discover together, that life is not static, that there is room for growth, liberation, expansion and ways for us to grow closer together.


In that way you should be very proud of yourself at the meaningful service you provide for others. The world needs more people like you… you should train others and go big. Someone needs to be a leader in that regard. The world needs it.


Thanks again. We’ll be back.


T (and I)”
One of my erotic massage clients recently decided to try a “Professional Domination” session with me.


She sent me a lovely text message afterwards. This is what she had to say:


“I’m still floating on cloud 9 lol…
Today was so much fun….the whole experience of not being in control and being completely vulnerable to you…. I loved feeling the heightened sensations of pleasure and I even enjoyed the pain (this must sound crazy lol) today brought a new meaning to mindfulness and of being present here and now : ).”


– L, Burlington


Thanks, L, for sharing that with me!  I enjoyed our time together too :).
A lovely French-speaking lady came to visit me recently.


We had a wonderful time together, and this is what she had to say about her experience with me:


“Mesdames si voulez un excellent massage pour reveiller les sens, Marc est la personne qui vous faut, vraiment attentionné, sensuel et tactile. J’ai énormément apprecié sa compagnie et je n’ai pas vu le temps passé, d’autant plus qu’il parle Français! (Il est aussi charmant, intelligent et cultivé!) Le Cadre est intimiste et cosy, un vrai moment de détente et de plaisir. Pour une toute première experience c’était mémorable, j’ai hâte de le revoir très bientôt! Merci!!!! xxx”


“Ladies if you want a great massage to awaken your senses, Marc is the person you need to call.  He was very attentive, sensual and tactile. I greatly appreciated his company and I did not even notice the time that had passed.  And, he speaks French! (He is also charming, intelligent and cultured!) The setting is intimate and cozy, and he created for me a veritable time of relaxation and pleasure. It was quite memorable, especially as a first-time experience.  I can not wait to see him again soon! Thank you.”


– G., Oakville, ON


-Thanks, G.! Please do come again soon!!!


A beautiful young lady from Toronto texted me this just the day after our session last week:


“Just a quick note to say I’m feeling incredibly sexy today because of our session yesterday. Thank you again!”


– N, Toronto, ON


Thanks, N!  You were a joy to host .😊.
I had the pleasure of entertaining N this weekend past, and what a joy she was. 2 days after our encounter, she sent me this message:


“I promise not to make a habit of texting you unless I have booked an appointment – but wanted to let you know that I can’t stop thinking about our time and can’t thank you enough for “waking me up”- you have a wonderful gift of giving selflessly – thank you for making me feel like I am worth being with and reminding me of enjoying being with someone again- you are very special :).”


– N, North York


Thanks for the kind words, N :). I really enjoyed our time together!
K comes to see me periodically and we always have such a great time together. Thanks for these kind words, K, I really enjoy our time together!


“In a word, Marc is AMAZING! A session with Marc is one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. He is the complete package: crazy intelligent, super hot and an incredible lover. Each session with him is better than the last and no matter how long we’re together, I always just want more of such a good thing.
One of Marc’s greatest gifts is his ability to make me feel like more than just a client. I’ve never felt rushed or that his focus was anywhere else but on me. Marc is able to create such a deep connection and sense of intimacy that I always leave feeling better about myself.
Let’s not forget about the sex – it is simply fantastic! Marc is an intuitive lover with incredible stamina and oral skills that will leave you begging for more. The fact that he is VERY good looking with a great body just adds to the heat.
For me, Marc combines the sex with pillow talk, both of which are mind blowing. Marc’s depth of skill is exemplified by his ability to assist me in making some major life decisions and take action on them during the pillow talk.
Marc is easily one of the most fascinating people I have ever met and truly a beautiful soul. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Book a session. NOW!!! You won’t regret it.”


– K., Kitchener


“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.”


A lovely client of mine sent this to me in meme format, with a message telling me that it was appropriate for the work that I do, and that it was her review of me and our encounters.  “Feel free to use it on your site,” she continued.  “I’m sure that your other clients would agree.”


Thanks so much, N, for the kind words.  I always enjoy our visits. 😊.


– N, Toronto, ON



A lovely lady had this to say about her experience with me:


“Hello there,


I tried to put into words what being with you was like…


In a word: unforgettable.


Despite my initial nerves, I was immediately comfortable with Marc. His professionalism and caring nature allowed me to relax and focus on the magic he was working on my body. He created an intimate atmosphere in which I felt completely safe to focus on my own needs and just let go. I have never before experienced the release that his touch achieved. He made me feel sexy and confident and the dreamy smile has not yet left my face. Marc gave me a gift that goes well beyond the physical and I would highly recommend spending several hours in his capable hands.”


-Claire, Mississauga
This lovely lady had something really nice to share with me in a text exchange we had recently. She gave me her permission to share it with you:


“Good is not the right word lol – it was an unbelievable release and exciting sexual connection.  I enjoyed every moment 🙂 from the first time you caressed my back to when we first had intercourse – the whole experience was mind blowing and exciting – and I am thinking I need to see you again soon lol.”


– N, Toronto


Thanks N…you know I’d love to see you again soon as well 😉


“I always enjoy seeing this wonderful lady.  And she had such nice things to say here!  Have a read:


 How do you say thank you to someone who has the ability to bring your spirit back to life?
I was stuck.
Stuck as though time stood still, even though many years had gone by following a difficult divorce, taking on the role as a full time single parent with a demanding career and ongoing health issues that left me with an empty gas tank.
Little time, inclination or energy to dedicate to the dating game….not to mention my lack of self esteem which held me back for a long time
But I knew I needed to get unstuck.  To feel, really feel the touch of a man to make me feel like I could move forward.


When I found Marc’s web site and read it over and over again, I knew I wanted to meet him.
Always a believer in “you only live once”, I made my first appointment with this wonderful, caring, compassionate man.


Marc made me feel comfortable right from the first message I sent.
Sometimes you just know.  You just know in your gut if something or someone is real – and he’s the real deal.
The time I have spent with Marc has been a liberating experience.


 Intimacy has so many levels to it, physical, mental, emotional and for the first time in a long time I feel like I’m coming back to life and loving every minute of it.”
Thanks, J!  Looking forward to seeing you next month ;).



Here are some super-kind words from an awesome lady who visited me recently. Listen to what she has to say:


“I wanted to share what a session with Marc was like for me. I feel that my experience may inspire other people. In the age of technology we belong in, many of us may have forgotten the power of human touch and connection. The busy lifestyle we all have, we often neglect to take the time to allow our body and mind to reconnect, or to experience serenity and allow ourselves to be in a state of complete relaxation.


Being a single mother of 12 years and having been in several relationships over the years where none had truly allowed me to understand the meaning of complete satisfaction, I was very happy to have found that during the session I booked with Marc. Not exactly sure what inspired me in the first place to pick up the phone and book an erotic massage… perhaps it was an inner curiosity, a yearning for a pair of healing hands that can get deeper than the physical level, or a desire to get away from the stress of the daily life, my session with Marc had definitely fulfilled my needs and much more, it was truly an unforgettable experience beyond what a regular massage can do.


Not really knowing what to expect, I was first greeted at the front door by a very handsome, well-groomed man with a well defined athletic physique. His warm smile and friendly personality immediately made me feel at ease and erased any anxiety I might have being a first timer at erotic massage. There was just something about his sexy and pleasant demeanor which I found very attractive. His good looks and his amiable disposition I was immediately drawn to. During the massage, Marc was very attentive to my needs. He carefully listened to my concerns, he studied my body language, he paid attention to my body and my mind. Unlike any regular massage where they only take care of your body on the physical level, Marc connects with you to a much deeper level. He understands your emotional needs as well. He creates a sanctuary for you where you can truly relax and allow your mind to reconnect with your body, to come to a sense of serenity, something that most of us have often neglected in our busy daily lives. His touch is exquisite and his flawless techniques elevate you to the next level, far beyond the physical needs on the surface because he also connects deep to your soul. A session with Marc you can be guaranteed he will attend to all your needs at every level, because of his caring nature and his professionalism. Marc truly defines enjoyment to a complete satisfaction. I absolutely can’t wait to my next session with Marc, I think we all deserve to take some time out of our busy schedule to let ourselves come to full relaxation through the power of human touch and connection.”


– Ashley, GTA, ON


Thanks, Ashley!  I really enjoyed our time together :).  Hope to see you again soon.