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Say What You’ll Do, and Do What You Say

“Be Impeccable with Your Word”

Don Miguez Ruiz, in “The Four Agreements,” introduced me to the concept of “being impeccable with my word.”  The idea of impeccability with one’s word is something that I don’t think we value much any more as a society.

The title of this blog, IMHO, describes what Ruiz means by “impeccability” with regard to one’s “word.”  In a nutshell, it’s about keeping the promises we make.

The Latin word “peccator” (the root of “impeccable”) refers to a “sinner,” a “transgressor.”  To be “Impeccable” literally means “to not sin/transgress.”  This brings up another interesting concept, that of “sin” or “transgression.”  What does it mean to “sin?”

In the Greek of the New Testament, the word translated into English as “Sin” is the Greek word “hamartia,” which simply means “To miss the mark.”  So, it’s like me playing a game of darts, aiming for the centre of the dartboard.  When I am off-target, I “sin” or “transgress.”

So, putting it all together, when I am “impeccable” with my word, I am on-target in the sense that my actions match my words.  If I say I’m going to do something, I do it.  If I say I’m not going to do it, I don’t.  When I am not impeccable with my word, I am off-target, and my actions do not match my words.


A Lost Character Asset: Integrity

What I’m really talking about here is integrity.  Doing what I say I am going to, when I say I am going to do it.  And, if for some reason I can’t, then I make sure I’m up front with the person I made my promise(s) to and I let them know what to expect.  I also offer them a revised time frame within which I will fulfill my commitment to them.

Communication is key here.  Managing expectations.  Ideally, I shoot to do what I said I was going to do and do my utmost to meet my promised deadline.  But if I can’t, I communicate any changes to those whom I promised.  Impeccability means ensuring they have a comfort level that their needs will be met.


Who Am I?

My name is Marc Spinoza, and I’m an erotic masseur in the Greater Toronto Area.  I offer incall services in my private townhome in Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto.  I also offer outcall services, and have an entire kit that I travel with, should you wish for me to come visit you.

I offer a sensual and erotic massage experience that you will not soon forget.  I also offer “Sensate Therapy,” which is non-sexual touch designed to get you in touch with your body, to help you to reconnect to it.  Reconnecting to your body is a crucial step in learning to love it.


Why am I Talking About Integrity?

For a couple of reasons.  First, because I take my work as an erotic masseur very seriously and try to deliver the absolute best experience I can for all who visit.  Integrity is important to me, and, sadly, from what I hear, is all-too-often missing in this business.

I’m also discussing it because, over the years, I’ve had clients who were less-than-impeccable with their word, and it makes for a very uncomfortable, difficult experience.  It’s a two-way street: we offer mutual impeccability to each other to maximize our experience together.  Anything less is just, well, unacceptable, in my opinion.

I seek to work with clients who are impeccable with their word.  Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with many men and women of integrity.  I find them a joy to work with, and now, almost four years later, as my practice has become quite busy, I am seeking to align myself with those who value impeccability as much as I do.  And, gratefully, I can afford to turn away those who prove to not share my values.


“You Get What You Give”

Cliché, I know, but with respect to impeccability of word, it’s most definitely true.  You can present yourself as a man/woman of your word, or as someone who can’t be relied upon.  Whichever you choose will dictate how easy – or hard – your life will be.  Impeccability makes you attractive to others: they’ll want to work with you.

But if you have a reputation as a person of low impeccability?  You’ll find it increasingly difficult to get the support you need to do the things you want to do.

The choice really is yours.  Impeccability of word is the right and honourable way to live.  It’s also the easier way to live, I think.  To live otherwise often requires deceit and dishonesty, and to live that way is exhausting.


Want an Impeccable Massage Experience?

If you come see me, I can promise you that I will deliver the very best experience I possibly can.  You will get all the time you donate for, and I will be sure to pay close attention to your needs, wants and desires.  I want this to be the very best erotic massage experience you could possibly have.

marcspinoza2017@gmail.com, www.marcspinozamassage.com/contact, or 647-703-9515 (text or phone) gets me when you need me.  Give me a call today!

23 Apr 18