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The Glorification of Being “Busy”


I saw a Facebook post recently that I shared with my friends.  It read “Stop the Glorification of Busy.”  Wow.  Boom.  Couldn’t agree more.
Funny thing is, I’m as guilty as the next person of spending too much time doing things that don’t matter as much as the things that do.  I don’t sleep enough.  My exercise suffers sometimes when it doesn’t need to.  I don’t always eat the right foods.  And I don’t set aside time for SELF-CARE as often as I should.

I’m a masseur in the GTA, the Greater Toronto Area.  I serve Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Etobicoke, North York, Toronto, Scarborough and beyond.  I have a fully equipped and professional massage room in my home, which is in a private, quiet neighbourhood.  I also travel and will come to you, either in your home, or in your hotel, if you’re visiting.

Whether or not you know it, or agree, you need to take time out for self-care.  I’m willing to bet you’re too busy, and maybe you even “glorify” that.  Maybe you sigh to yourself and others about it, but deep down you enjoy running around and never stopping.  Workaholism is a real illness, and can be just as deadly as any other addiction.

Maybe you busy yourself to gain sympathy?  Playing the role of martyr is often tempting.  We run around doing so many things, and we complain about it.  We tell others how busy we are, yet really, if we’re honest, we like it, because it allows us to focus the attention on ourselves.  It’s nothing more than a manifestation of the Ego: self-pity.  Self-pity says, “I’ve got it bad/so bad/worse than you,” or “You don’t understand how busy I am/bad I have it.”
Do you glorify busy?  Maybe it’s time to stop and think about changing your focus.

How to “Do” Self-Care

There’s lots you can do.  Force yourself to stop working periodically.  Take little breaks.  Stand and stretch.  Go for a walk.  Go to the gym!  Prepare a healthy meal.  Get a manicure/pedicure (yes, men you too!!!).  Go see your doctor for an annual physical.  Get a massage.

That’s where I come in.  I’m trained in the art of helping you relax and de-stress.  You can come to me, or I can come to you, which is even less stressful.  No traffic, no dealing with the masses outside, you just stay home, call me up, and I arrive with my table, clean linens, soft music and candlelight, just as if you were in your local spa.

Whatever you choose, choose something.  It’s not worth just moving through life without taking the time to take care of you.  It’s essential for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

A Word About Selfishness

Many with whom I work think that taking time out for themselves is selfish.  I can assure you it’s not.  For example, many rely on me to help them de-stress.  How would it be for them if I never took the time to refresh and rejuvenate myself?  Last night I turned down a client because I had a massage for myself booked.  It was a 2-hour massage too.  I must take the time I need to recharge my batteries, so that I can be at 100% for you and for everyone else who relies on me.

You’re no different.  You are not being selfish by saying no sometimes.  No is an essential word.  It’s also a complete sentence.  We need to be able to feel comfortable saying “No” to requests when they will impact our ability to take care of ourselves.  And we need to be able to say no without necessarily explaining why.  You’re worth taking care of, and ultimately nobody will take care of you except for you.

What Next?

So, what’s it going to be?  Will you continue to put the needs of others first, or will you finally step up and make yourself important?
Consider the list of suggestions I made, and perhaps try to change one small thing this week that will move you closer to including self-care disciplines in your life.  And, by all means, if you’d like me to help, I certainly can.
You can reach me at 647-703-9515, or at marcspinoza2017@gmail.com.  Feel free to learn more about me at my website as well: www.marcspinozamassage.com.
I’d love to help!

23 Jan 18