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Please note that any money exchanged is a donation for my time. Anything that happens afterwards is between two consenting adults, and has nothing to do with payment for services rendered.


Services For Women:


Women are invited to enjoy a therapeutic or relaxation massage, coupled with a full “Boyfriend Experience” (BFE). The massage begins with Shiatsu as a warm-up. During this time, you are covered with a towel, which helps create the friction necessary to warm the tissues up..


The massage moves at your comfort level and pace. When the time is right, I’ll ask if I can remove the towel, and will begin a sensual massage with unscented lotion, morphing in to Swedish relaxation massage. Note that, upon request, the massage can be therapeutic as well.


The entire experience is guaranteed to be sensual and erotic, including touching, teasing, kissing, caressing, and oral foreplay (I truly enjoy performing oral). If you are willing, this can all lead to a fully intimate sexual experience.


I like to move at a lady’s pace, and will not push anything on you that you’re not comfortable with. That being said, I am also the “Take-Charge” type, and – if you prefer to allow me – I am more than willing to guide the entire experience.


Because this is a sensual and intimate experience, it most likely will not work if you do not enjoy kissing and foreplay. For me, this is an essential part of our connection.


As a final note, I do request that we please play safe. I do this for your safety, my safety, and the safety of all my other clients



Services For Men:


Please note that any restrictions mentioned here apply to men only, not women.  For the ladies, all services listed in “Services for Women” are valid options.


For men I offer an incredible erotic massage experience, done with both of us nude. My technique is firm but stimulating, with lots of teasing and play intermixed with either relaxation or therapeutic massage techniques.


The environment is quiet and professional. I have a room dedicated to the massage experience. Included is warm lighting and relaxing spa music, all in an essential oil-infused atmosphere.


I am nude during the massage, as are you.


If you are so inclined, you may touch me all you like.  The only caveat I ask is that you use a firmer touch: I find soft, gentle stroking distracts me from the task at hand.  Also I ask that you refrain from touching my anus, nipples and armpits, for the same reason.


Also if you wish, the massage ends with an edging and orgasmic experience you will not soon forget. You will not have experienced anything quite like this before. Prostate massage is available on request.


All lotion will be removed from your body with a hot towel, which is in itself and amazingly comforting sensation.


If you’re looking to offer me body/muscle worship, I’m probably not the therapist for you. Similarly if you’re looking to come simply to perform oral sex on me, that’s not a service I offer.


What I do offer is an awesome erotic massage experience within the boundaries I’ve outlined above. Give it a try!  You won’t regret it.


Services For Couples:


My specialty is massaging the lady while the husband watches.  There is a couch in the massage room which makes for an excellent vantage point.  My preference is that the husband sit quietly and observe, and refrain from “directing” me.  I am a professional, and well know what I’m doing 😉.


If the lady is so inclined, all of what you read in “Services For Women” is available to you during this session!