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NEW!!!  Services for Men



Please note that any money exchanged is a donation for my time. Anything that happens afterwards is between two consenting adults, and has nothing to do with payment for services rendered.



My goal is to create for you a space where the focus is entirely on you.  The massage will be all about taking care of you: you don’t have to do a single thing during your experience with me.  As a matter of fact, you are encouraged to simply lie back, and receive.


It begins with a Shiatsu treatment, with you underneath a towel, to stimulate the tissues that are soon to be massaged.  It then morphs in to bare-skin massage using an unscented lotion that provides the optimal glide for an effective treatment.  The environment is quiet and serene, with gentle salt lamp and candle lighting, relaxing spa music, and a mix of essential oils lightly scenting the room.


It is a professional massage, a combination of both relaxation and therapeutic, and I am a trained therapist.  Please note that receipts for insurance purposes are not available: I am not a RMT, however my technique is of RMT quality.


My massage training is in Swedish/Thai Yoga/Shiatsu, and I have blended in eroticism and sensuality in a way that will both delight and completely satisfy you.


Please note that, as a straight male, I do not offer sexual services to men.  There is no kissing, reverse touching (I ask that you do not touch me), “Topping,” “Bottoming,” oral sex, or sexual contact of any kind.*  The focus is on you.  I have discovered that, when a male client touches me, it is distracting to both of us.  I want to be focused on providing you the pleasure you deserve, and I want you to be focused on receiving it.


You can expect to be touched, caressed, stroked and teased in ways that you have possibly (probably?) not yet experienced.  The grand finale is, if you wish, what can only be described as a mind-blowing release, resulting from a slow, edging build up of sexual tension resulting from a truly-expert penile massage.  If you would like it, prostate massage is available upon request.




If you think you might benefit from a session with me, please, reach out to me at 647-703-9515, marcspinoza2017@gmail.com, or here .




Some may undoubtedly hope for more than what’s described here. What I will ask, in advance, is that you please respect my boundaries as they are outlined above. During the session, please refrain from any sort of touching, or from asking for any services other than what I offer. I regret that doing either will bring an immediate end to the session, without any refund.