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Professional Domination Services


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Please note that any money exchanged is a donation for my time. Anything that happens afterwards is between two consenting adults, and has nothing to do with payment for services rendered.



Sometimes the only way to truly let go is to submit.  In today’s busy world where we are called on to make dozens (hundreds?) of decisions each day, sometimes it’s nice to just let someone else have the reigns, even if just for a short while.


A Dom-Sub encounter is just this: a time for you to let go, and allow yourself to receive, rather than having to give a single thing.


The encounter is customized for you, and your boundaries are always respected.  Master Marc uses the traditional “colour system”: if anything, during the encounter, makes you uncomfortable, you have the option of calling either “Yellow” or “Red.”


“Yellow” means “please stop and let’s check in with each other,” and “Red” means a hard – and immediate – stop to all activities.  Master Marc always respects when colours are called.


Just tell Master Marc what your particular fantasy is.  Then, between the two of you, you can design a session that will more than satisfy your particular desires.  You’ll no doubt be texting Master Marc afterwards, just like one of his clients recently did, saying: “That was FANTASTIC!!!”


Master Marc’s dungeon awaits 😉