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Sensate Therapy for Men


Sensate Therapy for Men



Please note that any money exchanged is a donation for my time. Anything that happens afterwards is between two consenting adults, and has nothing to do with payment for services rendered.



A description of what I offer here comes with a short personal story.


A client of mine who had seen me once, booked a second session which was scheduled to last 2 hours.  She requested that the first hour be spent with me on the massage table.  This was a unique request, but I consented, being curious as to what she had planned.


She started out by explaining that she wasn’t sure she knew how to touch a man properly, so she wanted to explore it with me.  What ensued was a remarkable experience: and not just for her.  For me as well.


She lightly stroked, caressed, kneaded and rubbed my entire body: completely non-sexually.  It was one of the most intimate, most remarkable, most powerful experiences I have ever had.  So much so that I went out and found myself a practitioner who offers professional “Lingam” and “Yoni” massage.  You can contact her here if you’re interested: www.monicakovacs.ca.  She’s awesome!


I regularly see her to receive the intimate touch that I crave.


Let’s face it: sexual touch is easy enough to get, if we want it.  There’ll always be someone willing to “hook up,” but really, how boring and uncreative can that be at times?  What if we want more?  What about the times we need more?  What if we want connection, real intimacy, without the expectation of having to give or get orgasm?


Or maybe we want the touch with orgasm at the end.  That’s ok, and I certainly will provide that if that’s what you decide you’d like.  Monica provides that to me, because it’s the one time that I can truly receive without having to provide anything.  The entire experience, touch and orgasm, is personally important to me.


I’m sure we agree that there’s way more to physical intimacy than just sex.


So, enter “Sensate Therapy.”  A time for you to receive caring, sensual (not necessarily sexual) and erotic touch without the necessity of it having a sexual ending.  It can, of course, end in orgasm, but it doesn’t need to.  It’s a time for you to receive touch without any expectation.  No expectation of having to touch back.  No expectation of having to orgasm.  No expectation of having to provide an orgasm.  No expectation of having to provide anything.  Just a time for you to receive.


Sensate Therapy can include massage, but often it doesn’t.  It is ideal for those who would like to just be touched sensually, without anything else.  This also recognizes that some people are extra sensitive and do not do well with being massaged (i.e. Fibromyalgia sufferers).  You just need tell me what your needs are, and the session will proceed accordingly.


Now some do prefer the option of receiving orgasm along with receiving touch.  That is absolutely fine, and prostate massage is available with that on request.  Please note that, for the time you’re with me, you don’t have to provide me with anything.  Your only role is to receive.  I would ask that you refrain from touching me*, in order to be present to take in what I have to offer.


This is difficult for many who believe their position in life is to provide for others first, and then to take care of themselves last.  A session of Sensate Therapy with me is a time for you to practice the opposite of this attitude.  Whereas it might be hard at first, you’ll soon come to see how beneficial it is for you to take the time you need to just receive.


Most of us need more touch in our lives.  Where and how do we get it?  Sometimes we’re so situated that we can’t get it from those whom we’d like to receive it from.  This happens for a host of reasons (you may have your own), and all are valid.  The bottom line is that we crave intimate touch and are better off when we have it.


If you think you might benefit from some intimate touch, please, reach out to me at 647-703-9515, marcspinoza2017@gmail.com, or here .



*Please read through the section “Services for Men” to acquaint yourself with the services that I do and do not offer men.