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“Judge not, lest ye be judged.” – Jesus


“Every time I judge someone else, I reveal an unhealed part of myself.” – Joy Marino

I came across this little gem of a quote recently, and it stopped me in my tracks.  It was particularly helpful to me, because I felt that I had been judged, somewhat harshly, last week.  It helped me put into perspective what the other person in the interaction was most likely really experiencing.  And it helped me to see where I have dumped my wounds on others in the past.

Most importantly, it led me to get on my knees, and ask my Higher Power to remove from me the tendency to do this very thing.  I hope He/She/It was listening, because when it happened to me, it felt awful.  But I’m grateful to have experienced it, because it made this quotation so much more meaningful.


“An Egomaniac with an Inferiority Complex”

Maybe this is why, in my younger years, I struggled so much with “Ego.”  Don’t get me wrong, I still do, to some extent (and, sometimes to a greater extent, if I’m truly honest).  But I have this awareness today that I’m so grateful for.  It keeps me in a place where humility, tempered by trying to practice vulnerability and gratitude, is operative in my life more often than it isn’t.

It feels good to be able to admit that.  I’m getting better.  A work in progress, but I’m getting better.

It used to be that I had to believe I was better than you in order to feel that I was almost as good as you.  Now that’s messed up.  But that’s how I lived, and I never knew it.  Not until some fine folks, whom I today call my teachers and mentors, slowly led me to a place where I could see it.  And how horrible it looked when I could see it!

My journey, for many years now, has been to heal from the need to hide behind my Ego.  Thank God for all the good people who were willing to be honest enough with me, because they cared enough, to tell me the truth about myself.  But only when I was ready to hear it.


Ego as “Conscious Separation From…”

From who?  From you.  From the world.  From truth.  From my Higher Power.  From everything that is good and helpful.  Why?  Because I know better.  Don’t you know who I am?  I am the great “I am!”  This is what Ego does to me, and I want no part of it today.

Chuck Chamberlain was the one who called Ego “Conscious Separation From.”  So, as I learn to let go of it, I slowly reconnect: to you, to my Higher Power, to everything, and – perhaps most importantly – to myself.

As I let go of my Ego, I no longer need to judge you, because I’m no better than you.  As I trudge the road of healing, I no longer need to put myself in a position where I feel superior to you.  Not at all.  Why would I?  We are fellow-journeyers on the road to joy.  This is my prayer: for you, for me, for all of us – that we be given the clarity, power and strength to set aside everything we think we know, for an open and new experience with everything.


Can You Identify?

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