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I think many of us have been laden with morals and values that come from someone – or somewhere – else: they certainly didn’t originate from within us. My upbringing wasn’t particularly religious, however from an early age I always had a sense of a “Higher Power” who was active in my life.

I am fairly well-educated in things religious (Master’s level), and yet was never comfortable with the concept of a group of people believing they had the right to tell others how to live. That one could think they have a corner on the concept of right and wrong became a useless concept to me several years ago.

Why am I saying this? Well perhaps you’re struggling with whether or not hiring an erotic masseuse is right or wrong? Perhaps you’ve been taught that it’s “sinful,” or “disgusting.” Personally I don’t believe it is, and I’ll tell you why.

Simply put, it’s hypocritical for a government to criminalize this while they sanction and control the sale of one of the most dangerous narcotics on the face of the earth: alcohol. Here in Ontario the government is the sole agency responsible for selling liquor, outside of some wine shops. That they could think it’s ok to encourage the sale of a deadly drug, yet not allow the sale of a service agreed on between two consenting adults is a mystery to me.

Let me say clearly I AM NOT against the sale of alcohol. People have the right to make their own choices. Which leads me to my next statement: if people would like to transact eroticism, then there ought to be no law against that either.

And religious institutions? Many (not all) will moralize against what I’m doing here. They’ll tell me that it’s wrong, sinful, depraved (they have many colourful words for it). But is it? Who are they to say that someone should not pay for an experience that includes a professional, high-quality massage with sexual release included? Why not? Many of my clients do not have the time for a relationship. Some do not want the complications that come with one. But they do crave intimacy and affection, and that I offer them. Really, what is wrong with that? If both parties are in agreement, who is anyone else to say it’s wrong?

My point? Don’t base your understanding of what’s right and wrong on someone else’s opinion. Go with your gut. If your gut tells you it’s wrong, then by all means, stay away! But if it tells you it’s right, then give it a try. If you find the right one, you won’t regret it.

And that leads me to my final point. My goal is to make your experience as comfortable – and comforting – as possible. I genuinely care about people and their experience. When you purchase an hour of my time, you get a full hour of my time. Furthermore, you get all of me, mind, body and spirit. I am here, present to, and with you, for the entire experience. Your pleasure is my goal, and I take that responsibility VERY seriously.

So, if your gut is saying “Go for it!”, well then, what are you waiting for? 647-703-9515, marcspinoza2017@gmail.com or the contact form on this site gets you in touch with me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!