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The Great “I Am”

Chuck Chamberlain, father of the actor Richard Chamberlain, defined the human ego as “Conscious Separation From…”

Ego comes from the Greek word meaning “I”.  When we, as humans, are too much in our ego, we are too focused on ourselves.  We separate ourselves from others through an over-focus on what’s going on with us, instead of looking outwards to see what’s happening with them.  It’s a self-centred way of living, and it’s not how we were intended to be.

There are many reasons why we might choose to focus too much on ourselves, but the problem always comes down to self.  We just have too much of us all over us.  Self becomes the be-all and the end-all, and nothing other than “we” matters.  What a horrible, narrow-minded, dreary way to live.

How can we spot – and then avoid – the ego?

First, we need to know how to recognize it when it manifests.


The 2 Manifestations of the Ego

A mentor of mine, Jay Tropianskaia, once explained to a group of us that the ego manifests itself in two primary ways

1.Self-Importance; or

2. Self-Pity

I was blown away when I heard this.  It made complete sense to me that self-importance was ego-driven.  I mean sure, when we think of egotism, isn’t that how we think of it?  A person so self-absorbed in their own abilities and accomplishments that we call them “egotistical,” or even “egomaniacs?”

But self-pity?  How can that be a manifestation of the ego?  I mean, isn’t self-pity the opposite?  Isn’t it all about low self-esteem, about feeling sorry for ourselves because we either have something we don’t want, or don’t have something we want?  Isn’t it about a sense of lack, about somehow “not making the grade?”

Well, yes, at its base these things are all true, but if we think about it, what Jay said makes perfect sense.  It’s ok to feel a sense of lack, or to feel burdened by something we don’t want in our lives.  But self-pity takes this instinct too far.  Self-pity says, “Oh poor me…look at how bad I have it,” and it causes me to over-focus on what’s bad, to the exclusion of anything else my our life that might possibly be considered “good.”

Self-pity is really saying that I have it bad, so bad, way worse than you could possibly understand.  It’s an over-focus on the self, on me, on the “I,” and removes my ability to connect to the world around me, because I’m so in to my own pain.

As Chuck Chamberlain alluded to, self-pity – just like self-importance – is me making a conscious decision to separate myself from those around me.  I am too in to myself, be it how great I am, or how much pain I’m in.

I can afford neither one in my life.


Who Am I?

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How to Combat the Ego

Self-importance is easy enough to deal with, if I’m willing to see myself for who I really am:

> I’m not God

> I’m not really all that important

> I’m not perfect, and make mistakes

> I need support and help from others

> I’m not “all that”

Challenging self-pity is done simply with a gratitude list.  Self-pity does not want me to look at the good things I have in my life.  Gratitude forces me to.  So, I make a 5- or 10-item gratitude list and count the blessings that I have.

Gratitude kills self-pity by forcing me to see that I don’t really have it that bad at all.


What’s Your Struggle?

In my experience, self-pity is how most of us tend to manifest our egos.  If this is your battle, then why not consider spending some time with me?

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