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A Bull for Your Hotwife!





I’ve noticed an increase in the number of men who want to see their wives out there enjoying an experienced Bull.  Why?  Because they know that only the Bull can give their lady what they really want.  The Bull has the right stamina, strength, size and superiority to give her an experience she has not yet had.


The term “Bull,” however, can be somewhat misleading.  It suggests a man who is pushy, maybe brutish, possibly harsh.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The Bull knows how to bring the right mix of intimacy and tenderness into the experience.  A good Bull is educated, respectful and present.  He listens to her needs, while simultaneously delivering her an erotic experience that is unparalleled at home.


The Bull knows that he is not her forever partner, but when she is with him, she is his, and he is sure to attend to all her needs.  This, but also he gently pushes her boundaries – always consensually – challenging her to reach new heights of orgasmic pleasure.  He stimulates, excites, titillates, and brings her to places she has never been before.  When done, she lies quietly in his arms, basking in a satisfaction heretofore unknown to her.


She has been taken, but within a container of intimacy, respect and care.  She has been shown new pathways to pleasure that she did not yet know existed.  She has been satisfied to the full, and is ready to give you the details, should you wish to hear them.


My name is Marc Spinoza, and I am your Bull.  Reach out to me here , and let’s talk about how I can satisfy your Hotwife.  Alternately, you can reach me at marcspinoza2017@gmail.com, or you can call/text at 647-703-9515.  Your customized Hotwife experience of a lifetime awaits you!