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The Sacred Intimate


The Sacred Intimate


Please note that any money exchanged is a donation for my time. Anything that happens afterwards is between two consenting adults, and has nothing to do with payment for services rendered.



Who is the “Sacred Intimate?”  What is he?  What is his purpose?


First, we must say what the Sacred Intimate is not: he is not an escort, although what he does encompasses some elements of this profession, some of the time.  He is not only a sex-trade worker, but he often draws from that well during his encounters.  His mission is not to only provide a sexual experience: it is to provide an intimate experience.  His goal?  To create true connection between he and his partner, to foster something truly meaningful in the midst of a “Netflix and Chill” culture.


Who are his partners?  Single women.  Married women.  Women in monogamous and non-monogamous relationships.  Straight women.  Bisexual women.  Gay women.  Women who visit him alone, without their partner knowing.  Women who visit him alone, with their partner knowing.  Women who visit him with their partner, while their partner simply watches.  Women who visit him with their partner, while their partner participates.  It doesn’t matter what their situation is: there is room for any woman, in the Sacred Intimate’s space, regardless of where she finds herself in life.


The Sacred Intimate creates for her a container of no judgment, blame or shame.  The Sacred Intimate endeavours to fill this container with intimacy, so that whatever is meaningful to his partner can be explored in a truly connected fashion.


The Sacred Intimate knows that lust, on its own, can be a devastating force, creating carnage if left unchecked.  Lust of this kind is selfish, self-centred, and only asks “What can I get for me?”  But what if lust could be transformed into an “other-centred” experience, where two partners give of themselves to each other in a true physical-spiritual connection?


Lust, contained by intimacy, is exactly this!  In an intimate container, lust can become a lifegiving force, where spiritual and physical connection meet to create a truly deep and satisfying experience unlike any other.


Helping his partners re-vision lust – and other negative intimate/sexual liaisons they may have experienced – is what the Sacred Intimate hopes to do in each of his encounters.


The Sacred Intimate is not himself sacred, or holy, in any way.  He is simply a man with an extraordinary desire to create a universe imbued with true intimacy.  His goal is to create a sacred space in which true intimacy is contained, in the hopes of creating a truly connected experience with his partner.


My name is Marc, and a fellow-worker of mine, whom I respect greatly, offered me the term “Sacred Intimate” as a description of myself.  I believe that it fits me well, because, even though when I started doing this work, I believed myself to “just” be an escort/erotic masseur, it seems that my purpose has become something more than only that.


I have experience in working with people at a deeper level, as a professional life coach.  I have had a fair amount of exposure to walking with people as they navigate their way through delicate times and/or tricky issues.


I believe that we, as humans, are a unity of the physical-emotional-mental-spiritual: when one of these 4 areas is affected by something, all 4 are.  I also believe that, for too long, we have vilified sex/sexuality, and have pathologized it.  I cannot support typical “traditional” views on sex and human sexuality.  It’s time we open ourselves to new possibilities and reorient our thinking.


Focusing on intimacy is what I believe will bridge the gap between the old way of thinking, and a new, enlightened consciousness.


If you’ve been struggling with what it means to be truly intimate with another human being, I invite you to consider spending some time with me.  An intimate environment is something I seem to be naturally good at creating: I hope it doesn’t sound arrogant when I say that it comes naturally to me.  An experience with me need not even be sexual (see my other services, such as “Sensate Therapy” and “Pillow Talk”.  If you’d like to learn more about your own capacity to establish intimacy with someone, I invite you to contact me.


You can call/text me at 647-703-9515, e-mail at marcspinoza2017@gmail.com, or use the form on my website here . I look forward to talking to you about how I can help you!